Marisa Carlo

Marisa Carlo – The international language of anal hole sex

Mom’s vagina gets screwed
The international language of stinky hole sex

We don’t recognize about you, but we’re not crazy concerning videos with sub-titles. There’s too much work involved, looking to check a movie and read at the same time, and what if you close your eyes? You cannot even hear what’s going on!

The movie you’re going to see has sub-titles, but we don’t think you’ll mind. This is the exception. You watch, 47-year-old Latina Marisa Carlo speaks actually little English, thus our dude had to talk to her in Spanish. Rather than leave you in the dark regarding what Marisa is saying, we set to offer sub-titles.

During this movie, Marisa says things like, “I like large cocks” and “I have 34F tits” and “Do you wanna see?” and “Deep, truly deep!” and “Put it in my butt.” Which last factor she says in English. That’s as a result of it is an important phrase for Marisa. What if she’s with a dude who doesn’t speak Spanish? How’s she supposed to let him apprehend that she needs his fuckstick in her butt.

She doesn’t say “gaping, pink beaver,” but she should. She does say, “Cum in my ass.”

You’re progressing to change your opinion about sub-titles.

The international language of butthole sex

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Marisa Carlo – No plot. No setup. Simply blowing and fucking.

Mom’s beaver gets fucked
No plot. No setup. Just blowing and fucking.

When this scene opens, the stud is already having his way with Marisa Carlo’s juggs, blowing those giant, F-cup sucklers aggressively while she moans with pleasure. Then Marisa sits back and spreads her legs a tiny so we will see her beaver through her pantyhose. Then she turns around thus the stud does spank her booty.

“You like it?” Marisa says, one in all the couple things she says in this episode totally various than, “Oh yeah” and “Ah!” and “I like this!” What she likes is having her anal slapped and her beaver licking. Basically, during this episode, Marisa, a 46-year-old wife from Mexico, allows herself to be turned into a 23-year-old’s fuck toy. Yeah, the stud is half her age, and currently he’s ruined for life as a result of he’s never planning to urge blowed and screwed like Marisa sucks and fucks him.

When Marisa sucks his fuckstick and has been fucked both which way, Mr. Teen Dude shoots his jizz shot all over her breasts and face. A couple of of his load gets into her hair. But she will not complain regarding which. Maybe a few of women would complain regarding that, but 46-year-old Mexican MILFs who fuck at NEVER complain concerning that. They love it. They could not say therefore, but they love it. You can check it all over their faces.

No plot. No setup. Just sucking and fucking.

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